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Every week, the Equal Citizens Substack sends out what we think you need to know about the fight for democracy reform. Our Substack will include updates about legislation on the federal and state level, policy spotlights about proposed democracy reform (both feasible and unlikely to happen), views from democracy activists, and ways for you to fight for the future of American democracy. We break down and explain abstract policies and tell you why you need to care.

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More About Equal Citizens

Equal Citizens — a nonprofit founded by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig — is dedicated to reforms that will achieve citizen equality. Through a series of projects that aim to restore the core promise of citizen equality in our Constitution, we will end the corruption of our representative democracy.

More About the Authors

Kevin Rissmiller is a fellow at Equal Citizens and a Goodwin-Niering Scholar at Connecticut College majoring in Government and double minoring in sociology and economics. His academic research focuses on youth climate activism and the political impacts of young people. He has also studied voting reforms and extensively researched Independent Redistricting Commissions. In his free time, you will find him at Dunkins or playing ultimate frisbee. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Kate Travis is a fellow at Equal Citizens and a senior at Harvard studying History and Literature with a minor in Government and a citation in Spanish. In her school work, Kate studies queer women’s representation in 1990s popular culture. Her professional experience has included long-term research into misinformation in the 2020 election, full-time work as a field organizer, and Director of Partnerships for a startup youth voter engagement nonprofit. When she is not writing about democracy, Kate spends her time running, drinking coffee, and watching bad romcoms with her friends. Follow her on Twitter.

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